Ilya naishuller

Ilya Naishuller is a director and producer, known for «Hardcore Henry», Biting Elbows «Bad Motherfucker» . Music video «Kolschik» by Leningrad band won Cannes lions award.

Yan Ge

Yan Ge is Moscow based Chinese origin artist and director. She has 2 feature films. With a background in music and theatre, her films blend striking imagery with perspective, fashion aesthetic and intriguing narratives.

Dasha Charusha

Dasha Charusha started off as a composer and musician. She moved to cinematography several years ago. She did branded short movie for Yandex, Russian search engine, sentimental music video for Dima Bilan, russian pop artist. Recently Dasha has finished working on her first feature film.

Vlad Kaptur

At film school Vlad Kaptur started working alongside Ilya Naishuller, providing his editing skills to Biting Elbows’ music videos and the iconic action movie «Hardcore Henry». As a director he filmed a number of tv shows, commercials and music videos, such as Anacondaz’ «Money Girl» and Serj Tankyan’s «Elasticity».